MEDITATION: Techniques in the Yoga Tradition, by Bernard Bouanchaud

Meditation Book cover.png

London Yoga Festival is excited to announce that we have teamed up with Desa Publishing to exclusively include this newly published book on meditation as part of the festival ticket

The meditation presented in this book comes from an extensive and deep training received over many years spent in Chennai, South of India, under the guidance of T.K.V. Desikachar, the fourth child of legendary yogi T.Krishnamacharya, whom was at the centre of the modern revival of yoga, and in Europe his fifth son, T.K.Sribhashyam.

True meditation is a personal and adapted transmission which is traditionally done with the upmost respect to each individual; taking into account one’s age; health; culture; situation; affinities; and religious belief.

The meditation here is both:

  • Authentic for it is a family tradition that has been passed down for more than ten centuries;

  • Based on the philosophy according to the system according to Patanjali in his Yogasutra.

By implementing these rational and progressive methods presented here, you will discover within the depths of your heart a wealth of jewels. The work will enrich your experimentations with yoga meditation and lead you towards evermore mental clarity and compassion.

Ruby Reed