David Sye

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Session one

Yogabeats - A Celebration of the Human Spirit


The session begins with an exquisite rise out of stillness and a dissolving of personal boundaries. A gentle rise in energy through a variety of seated bandhas and pranayamas. The session will rise to an energetic crescendo beyond just a physical experience and create an exuberant emotional state - a celebration of the Human Spirit.

All Yogabeats asanas encourage spontaneous fluid movements called ‘Micro Movements’, which have a secondary effect of dismembering fear patterns that remain somatically retained, particularly through repetitive physical and mental Abhayasa. Yogabeats sessions have a constant background of rhythms and music that link practitioners into purely pleasurable physical movement, whist at the same time dissolving internal thought patterning. This leads finally into a deep and transcendent meditation, savasana and finale.

What can people expect?

Music, bandha, pranayama, asana, meditation.

session 2

Moving Beyond Boundaries, and The Sacred Ancestors


This session involves a variety of mystical and sacred ceremonies, contemplations and meditations from around the world, including chocolate meditation and more. We will explore visualisations, community encounters and partnership exercises, and take part in a group sharing and open Satsanga on 15 spiritual truths.

What can people expect?

Music, ceremony, meditation, partner work, sharing.



"The emphasis is on fun not austerity, you can do as little or as much as you like. There is no competition or rigid rules, only paying attention to your feelings and open breathing are essential to the practice ".

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Not content with teaching his Yogabeats classes all over the world and training up the next generation of instructors, Yoga Elder, David Sye is on a mission to have Yoga recognized and used as a tool for social change.

The Yogabeats 3 Step Foundation course focuses upon a deepening and expansion within all realms of the Yogabeats methodologies, incorporating every aspect of what it means to become a Yogi rather than just yet another Yoga teacher, and how to utilize Yogabeats as a tool for radical change within society.

Sye,is one of the UK’s most esteemed teachers,and has successfully piloted Yogabeats programs resolving conflict within communities from the UK and across the planet, particularly in the Middle East. His not-for-profit work is supported by his Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Sye explains: ‘Yoga comes from the sanskrit language, meaning to join or unite. Today Yoga is often, mistakenly, perceived as a celebrity fad or a chic workout for white middle classes. Yoga for over 5,000 years has been a means for achieving a state of personal evolution or ‘self realisation’ and as a consequence creates a direct internal link to ‘Source Energy’.

‘Whether it is drugs, crime or war, history has shown that Yoga is highly effective in empowering and transforming the fearful existence of countless peoples into joy and happiness. Collectively this is one of the most underestimated tools for achieving the changes that will endure within our communities.’

Read more: http://yogabeats.com/