Gary Carter

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Session one

Exploring the Way of Gravity


“The postures should be light and spacious to accept the breath” 

- Krishnamacharya


Vanda Scaravelli has a saying: “Going with the body and not against it”. This respects the fundamental laws of Gravity and the response of our system to it.

Through the nature of practice we come to understand how we can create efficient arrangements in our movement practice so we can prevent the accumulation of stress and injury to our bodies by working efficiently with this constant force. The far reaching effects of Gravity on the Fascial network in Yoga and movement practices can either maintain ease, lightness and graceful movement, or can create restrictions to movement and practice. We also explore through the nature of our Anatomical layout how we can allow this natural law of Shape to help us find freedom in motion, along with the very latest understandings of the Fascial structure, a fascinating part of human anatomy and function.


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Gary Carter has over 30 years of experience in movement physical training, anatomical study and bodywork practices. With a background in athletics, competition cycling, bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga and manual therapies, he himself has studied with many inspiring teachers. trainers and masters in their fields including the training in ‘elasticity of the spine and stretching’ at age 14 by a professional cycling coach.

From this background he has created his own unique way of working and ‘seeing’ which he incorporates into his teachings, trainings and practices, where students learn techniques and methods of training that bring long term results to the Feel, Movement and Look of the body.

This has culminated in a movement Training called ‘Myofascial Movement Training’; this training has profound effects for movement professionals of any modality.

He works with Athletes and runners with ‘Elastic running’ techniques which has culminated in training with Team GB Masters athletes in the World Championships in Brazil 2013 with Gold Medal results.

He started the Natural Bodies Centre in 1991 to teach, train and encourage kinesthetic awareness.  Fascial Movement practises ease of movement, efficient body use in exercise, sport and many movement disciplines which can bring a renewed sense of health and vitality into everyday life through revolutionised personal training techniques, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, Martial Arts and Fascial Movement practices.

He hosted Tom Myers for the first groundbreaking Anatomy Trains courses in the UK from 1998 through to 2003 and, after graduating with the KMI school in 2001, Gary co-taught with Tom on Anatomy Trains courses in the UK and USA.

He studied his Yoga Teacher Training in 1991 with Mary Stewart, Sophy Hoare, Peter Blackaby and fascial movement genius John Stirk and, after a brief time with Vanda Scaravelli, met and studied with Diane Long in Florence and Rome.

He studied in Shiatsu, Chi Kung & Chi Ne Tsang, CranioSacral Therapy.

Over the past 15 years he has lectured in Movement Anatomy and Fascial Anatomy for Yoga, Yoga teacher trainings, Pilates teacher trainings and massage schools, Hospital Physiotherapists, Dance Trainings and Martial Arts trainings all over the UK and Ireland.

He ran the Science of Movement course at Middlesex university from 2007- 2011 and studied in Dissection at the Institute of Anatomy in Vienna with Todd Garcia, along with Dissection studies with Gil Hedley, and runs Dissective studies for the student teachers of his Anatomy of movement courses with Julian Baker

He has also run several Yoga teacher trainings and continues to run his highly acclaimed Anatomy & Myofascial yoga and Pilates courses in England, Scotland, Ireland and Europe.

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