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Cultivating Sattva: Empowering the Mind to Follow Dharma


The instruction that “mastery over the roaming tendencies of the mind is yoga” exists to remind us that our usually busy, sometimes racing minds are capable of operating at a steadier pace.  That calmer, clearer state is desirable and achievable through yoga practice.  We need to experience it in order to really know it is possible, and we need to repeat it in order to trust it is reliable.  The key techniques are how we use our bodies, regulate our breath, and focus our minds so that they become yoked together in a harmonious, effective state of being.  Together we’ll review guiding concepts and experience simple practices to integrate into daily life, home practice, and teaching to move from rajas to sattva.   When we are firmly established in sattva our minds and purpose become more clear and empowered, allowing us to tread the path of our dharma with vitality, resilience, and enthusiasm. 


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Lisa Kaley-Isley, PhD, C-IAYT, E-RYT-500 Lisa Kaley-Isley is a clinical psychologist, yoga teacher, IAYT certified yoga therapist, and yoga educator. Lisa draws deeply on the wisdom and practices of both yoga and psychology.  She integrates her experience in the two disciplines to provide personalised yoga therapy and to educate yoga therapists.   Lisa was introduced to yoga in 1993 and it was love at first asana.  Lisa is a long-term yoga student of Yogarupa Rod Styker of Para Yoga, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute.  She studied yoga therapy with Gary Kraftsow of American Viniyoga.  These traditions all influence her personal practice, teaching, and therapy.  Lisa is initiated into the Sri Vidya tradition and is empowered to impart personalised practices to individuals who want to use yoga to promote their own growth, healing, and personal transformation.  Lisa currently serves as a board member, tutor, supervisor, and mentor on the London based Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Diploma course.  She is the Director of the Yogacampus Yoga Therapy Clinic, a student-training clinic providing affordable access to yoga therapy in London.  Lisa’s specialty foci are development of the therapeutic alliance and adaption of yoga to foster mental health.

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