Liz Lark


session one

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge


CROSSING THE RAINBOW BRIDGE: Imagine a bridge in it’s landscape, a metaphor for making a crossing, for connecting. Sense yourself in the landscape as you walk towards the bridge. Crystallise your intention for practice, creating a short phrase, a sankalpa, a mental bridge to deepen your trust in direction. Commit to the carving of your dharma (purpose) path. You have already come a long way. Name it: Sequencing towards…

STEPPING ONTO THE BRIDGE: We begin to travel through the natural elements (‘Maha Bhuta’) to purify the energies within ourselves. We call upon our five senses, to awaken our somatic ‘felt sense’ of proprioceptive awareness, how we are in this present moment. We inhabit the ‘primordial feeling place’ to strip away conditionings (‘samskaras’).

SOMATICS: PERCEIVING THE BODY FROM WITHIN:  Proprioceptive awareness, self sensing, experientially. As you practice, recall a word, or line of poetry or song which connects you with a sense of rooting and stability. Write/ paint these on leaves or textured paper, to read during practice.(Butterfly/ leaf templates to paint on).


What can people expect?

Release technique, somatic yoga floor limbers, visualization, creative sequencing to peak balancing poses, creative transitions, yin yang yin balance, mediation, pranayama, deep relaxation…….theory, philosophy woven into practice, colour and word art.




Liz has been teaching yoga for 25 years. As an Artist, she draws on nature, elements, colour and visualisations. Creative mindful movement and meditation balance innovative vinyasa sequencing, bringing safe challenges to strengthen and lengthen body & mind. She has studied Yoga in Crete, India and the UK with a broad range of teachers, with Astanga Vinyasa being an early influence on her teaching. Liz is a board member and tutor on the Yogacampus Teacher Training Diploma and holds a BA and MA in Arts.Caring of “Self” has become a primary theme of her work, to nourish mind, body and spirit!  See for books, DVD, retreats and workshops.