Miranda Taylor

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session one

Movement and Sound:


Miranda will lead us into a gentle class introducing sound to our practice which helps lengthens the breath, work on the nervous system. Sound is used as a tool to go deeper into the practice, train our minds to focus and experience a positive and specific result. Everyone is welcome and modifications will be provided, such as chair sitting and lying for those that need. No experience of yoga or chanting necessary just a willingness to give it a whirl!

What can people expect?

Asana, Breathing, Chanting

session two:

The Sacred Sound:


Miranda will teach a meditative workshop on the orthodox understanding of the sacred sound Om. How to work with it, its meaning, the correct Vedic recital and the use of ‘jappa’ and a subtle practice to incorporate meditative techniques to enhance the practice. Handouts will be provided.

What can people expect?

Chanting, Meditation



Miranda Taylor is a mother, writer and yoga therapist working in west London. She trained as a journalist in Paris with the International Herald Tribune, went on to be the editor of two travel magazines, Traveller and Geographical, before giving up full-time office work to look after two amazing kids and train as a Yoga Therapist with Colin Dunsmuir. Miranda specialises in Vedic chanting, one to one yoga sessions to evolve students in their every day lives and working with kids of all ages in schools.

Miranda can be contacted on email: miranda.taylor@me.com or mobile: 07803609445.