Bridget Thornborrow and Sarah Lindsey


Session one

Opening The Heart - the path towards backbends via spirals and twists

"For me, Dharma means authenticity. When we are authentic in our actions, our speech and our relationships with others then we are able to listen to our body, open our hearts to “right action” and be discerning and aware in our daily lives. It is the search for quality." -Bridget Thornborrow


Using the Scaravelli-inspired approach to mindful-movement and breath awareness the session will explore how we can lose tension and open the body with ease through Vanda Scaravelli’s core principles of ground, breathe and release. 


What can people expect?

Asana, Mudra, Pranayama and sitting practice. The theory of the Scaravelli-inspired approach will be woven into the asana and breath work.





Bridget Thornborrow

Bridget has been practising yoga for over 20 years. She trained with Chloe Fremantle and Anne-Marie Zulkahari on the two year, BWY accredited teacher training, qualifying in 2008. She also studies with Giovanni Felicionni. Bridget teaches weekly classes at Clerkenwellbeing in Goswell Road, and in East London. She is the co-director of the LYTTG Introductory Courses with Sarah Linsey and co-runs the LYTTG Deepen Your Practice course with new workshop dates scheduled for 2019. Bridget started her professional career in the theatre, initially as a performer and subsequently as a promoter and producer. She continues her involvement with theatre as a communications consultant for the Barbican Centre.



Sarah Lindsey

Sarah attended her first yoga class in London with Julie Friedeberger, a BWY teacher, in the early 1990’s. She loved the calm and peace she found in yoga compared to the hectic pace of her job in television production. She went on to train as a yoga teacher with the LYTTG, receiving her BWY teaching certificate in 2005. Sarah teaches a weekly programme of yoga classes for adults in Kent, as well workshops and one to one sessions. She has been a trainer with Christiane Kerr on the Calm for Kids teacher training courses since 2009 and regularly co-teaches Yoga and Mindfulness retreat weekends with Christiane. Sarah is particularly interested in how mindfulness compliments the way we teach Scaravelli inspired yoga.

Together with Bridget Thornborrow, Sarah also runs a LYTTG Introductory Course and our Deepen Your Practice course. Having completed the LYTTG Assistant Teacher Training program, Sarah became a teacher training course tutor in 2015. She takes on a new role as Assistant Director on the 2018-20 teacher training.