Click through to the individual session page to read a full write up and bio of each speaker. You can choose your sessions when purchasing your tickets, but spaces are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis, so don't delay!



session one, 09:30 - 11:00

Scott Johnson: Re-Imagining Ashtanga Yoga - Empowerment through a shared relationship

Gary Carter: Exploring Ease, Space, Breath and Movement in Practice

Tara Fraser: "Herding Cats”. Individual and Collective Duties and Actions in Daily Life — How Can the Yoga Community Make A Difference In Today’s World?

Charlotta Martinus: The Challenges and Successes of Introducing Yoga to 750 Teen Students Across Europe

Caroline Purvey: The Psoas - Understanding it’s Healing Power

Joanna Webber: How Can Ayurveda Support Us In Our Yoga Practice?


session two, 11:30-13:00

Richard Kravetz: Chair Yoga

Gary Carter: The latest in Fascia research and what this could mean to practice

Tara Fraser: "Walking the Walk”. Being Bendy Is Really Not Where It’s At. 

Miranda Taylor: Mantra in Action: how sound can transform your practice

Ian Baker: Tibetan Yoga: Methods & Techniques

Kate Binnie: Breath-Body-Mind Integration: Mindful Yoga for People Living and Working with Life-Limiting Illness and at the End of Life


Lunch, 13:00-14:00


session three, 14:00-15:30

Zephyr Wildman: Insight into the Kleshas: Yoga Asana Practice

Leila Sadeghee: Tenderness and Vigilance: The Real Deal Ethics of the Contemporary Yoga Room

Zoe Knott: Movements in Supine and Prone

Amanda Stuermer: Our Life as Pilgrimage

Dr Michael Geary: The Activism of Dharma

Bernard Bouanchaud: The True Art of Meditation in Yoga - Part 2

session four, 16:00-17:30

Larissa McGoldrick: Backbends: Opening the Chest & Heart

Leila Sadeghee & Heather Umlah: The Mystic and the Maven: Self-Care for the Creative Soul

Zoe Knott: Preps for Handstand

Caroline Purvey: The Psoas - Understanding it’s Healing Power

Heather Mason: Yoga and Social Connectedness: A Neurophsyiological Approach to Prosocial Behaviour

Tuesday McNeill: Embracing the Heart of Yoga