Susanne Lahusen


session one

Hypermobility - Finding the Middle Way


This session explores how hypermobility affects the body and mind, and how to work with it in ourselves and others. Today’s culture tends to see yoga largely as a tool to make us more flexible, and classes often attract people who already possess greater than average flexibility. Recent myofascial research and findings from the field of pain science are beginning to influence our approach to stretching and its effects, not only on fascia, but also on the nervous system.  Hypermobility might look like an advantage, but it needs to be addressed with knowledge and awareness so it does not lead to pain and habitual tensions. The practical part of this workshop will be a vinyasa flow class that is structured to create awareness of initiation of movement, and to balance stability and mobility. The class will address the needs of hypermobile yogis whilst maintaining flow, interest and challenges for everybody. We will explore the choices we can make in sequencing, how to add experiential elements, our use of language, and how to broaden our perception of progression.


What can people expect?

Asana, theory, talk

session two

Balancing Stability and Mobility in Vinyasa Flow


This vinyasa flow class in structured to balance stability and mobility. Special emphasis will be given to making the class safe for hypermobile students while maintaining flow, interest and challenges for everybody. We will look at sequencing, language and how to broaden our perception of progression. Whilst we are striving for balance, we need to become aware of individual anatomical differences, our habitual tendencies, of how we initiate movement, and how we can find centring and focus without disturbing flow and ease of breath. Most of the sequences will be standing ones, with some supine and seated experiential work and relaxation at the beginning and end. 




Susanne’s early yoga background was in Astanga Vinyasa yoga, which she began to practise in 1991 with the late Derek Ireland. Other important influences include the release based work of Vanda Scaravelli, various somatic practices, and the rhythmic and energetic qualities of gyrokinesis and dance. Susanne holds a Yogacampus level 2 teaching qualification accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga. She also has a BEd in Movement Studies and Sports Science, an MA in Dance, and certification in Pilates, gyrotonic, gyrokinesis and the Alexander Technique. She teaches vinyasa flow at The Life Centre, somatics on the MA at London Contemporary Dance School, as well as experiential anatomy and sequencing on the Yogacampus Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Diplomas. Whilst respecting the unique characteristics of these disciplines, Susanne’s approach to teaching has evolved from an awareness of the elements that are fundamental to all movement.