Caroline Purvey TRE

Kriya Yoga/Activism to me is about sharing: sharing what we know so that others can benefit. Giving with love and compassion. Sharing can be as little as a smile. Believing in the greatness of others from all walks without judgment. Being selfless in actions and words.


The psoas is a storehouse of stress and trauma. In this workshop, Caroline will reveal just how important the psoas muscle is and the powerful impact it can have on healing. Using what we already know and through simple guidance, explanations and sharing of her expertise, she will take us on a journey to understand how some of the sensations that may be experienced in a yoga class can be much more than muscle fatigue. With this insight we will be better able to advise our students on the powerful impact psoas release can have.




Caroline is the founder of TRE UK®.  Trained as a TRE practitioner with  Dr David Berceli in South Africa where she met some wonderful people and heard some amazing stories of healing that fired a passion and encouraged her to return to the UK to promote and share TRE in the UK where it was then unheard of.  Caroline is a fully qualified, independent Practitioner, who has tirelessly worked to develop the programme offered by TRE UK®  with the integrity and respect of David’s work.

Caroline established TRE UK®  in 2011, in pursuit of her vision to share the technique in the UK and help many people suffering stress, anxiety and PTSD to heal their lives.  When she came back to the UK there with no supportive or structured organisation in place or appropriate and relevant materials Caroline created the Total Release Experience Programme® .  Believing in this natural healing work Caroline has worked tirelessly and responsibly to spread her work in a safe and supportive way for all clients.

Following a career in education and with over 20 years experience as a yoga teacher/trainer Caroline opened her own Yoga Centre in Kent and TRE is a powerful complement to the Centre of wellbeing.

As well as regular weekly TRE sessions at the Eclipse Yoga Centre in Dover – a place where improving health and well-being for clients is the mission, Caroline runs TRE UK® Workshops around the UK so many more people suffering the effects of stress, tension, anxiety, and trauma can benefit.