Gary Carter

Kriya is a vast subject and to me the basis towards some form of trust and letting go into freedom, liberation of mind and of what may be obstacles in life. Living in the UK in the 21st century with all we now have going on around us/me, it seems these principles or philosophies are required more now than ever before to negotiate the world, people, attitudes, environments, etc.

Many ancient practices including martial arts, tai chi and so on, with long strong lineages behind them also have a ‘code of conduct for living’.. all beneficial to each individual who should reflect on themselves or are curious enough.

To me, a clearer sense of self, appears to become a possibility, which may help with clarity of Will. This to me also helps to bring focus to move with and into life, meeting obstacles with out excess fear or worry (not easy to find sometimes), also doing something each day or week that makes the heart beat faster is a natural and useful phenomena too, fear is not a bad thing.. in the right doses!!

I would also see the Kriya process as creating a cleaner environment to be in, living, working, teaching, etc. This passes itself on to others I often find and generates a feel of ease, safety and clarity.

Learning simple skills in this realm of the philosophies, breath, cleansing, eating, is always a stable place to come back to when or if life brings the challenges that one can encounter, becoming a ritual, a clearing of mind: a place we can go to when needed and when we choose. This is yours and yours only, you can take it anywhere.
— Gary Carter


Vanda Scaravelli suggested that there was an efficient way to explore the practice without putting unhelpful stresses on the body, we will spend time in practice finding ways to explore the gesture of asana that brings different effort to the body whilst maintaining the ongoing space for breath without compromising its ability.


Gary has spent an enormous amount of time exploring, researching, working in labs, lecturing, working and practicing with some of the finest minds, bodies and people — all forward thinkers, not only in the yoga community but many other movement and manual therapy disciplines. We have looked at both sides of the coin: the movement and philosophical influences to the Fascial system and also the Fascial systems confirmation, looking for clarity of the why and the how in these practices, which actually generates more questions than it may answer!


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Gary Carter has over 30 years of experience in movement physical training, anatomical study and bodywork practices. With a background in athletics, competition cycling, bodybuilding, martial arts, yoga and manual therapies, he himself has studied with many inspiring teachers. trainers and masters in their fields including the training in ‘elasticity of the spine and stretching’ at age 14 by a professional cycling coach.

From this background he has created his own unique way of working and ‘seeing’ which he incorporates into his teachings, trainings and practices, where students learn techniques and methods of training that bring long term results to the Feel, Movement and Look of the body.

This has culminated in a movement Training called ‘Myofascial Movement Training’; this training has profound effects for movement professionals of any modality.

He works with Athletes and runners with ‘Elastic running’ techniques which has culminated in training with Team GB Masters athletes in the World Championships in Brazil 2013 with Gold Medal results.

He started the Natural Bodies Centre in 1991 to teach, train and encourage kinesthetic awareness.  Fascial Movement practises ease of movement, efficient body use in exercise, sport and many movement disciplines which can bring a renewed sense of health and vitality into everyday life through revolutionised personal training techniques, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, Martial Arts and Fascial Movement practices.

He hosted Tom Myers for the first groundbreaking Anatomy Trains courses in the UK from 1998 through to 2003 and, after graduating with the KMI school in 2001, Gary co-taught with Tom on Anatomy Trains courses in the UK and USA.

He studied his Yoga Teacher Training in 1991 with Mary Stewart, Sophy Hoare, Peter Blackaby and fascial movement genius John Stirk and, after a brief time with Vanda Scaravelli, met and studied with Diane Long in Florence and Rome.

He studied in Shiatsu, Chi Kung & Chi Ne Tsang, CranioSacral Therapy.

Over the past 15 years he has lectured in Movement Anatomy and Fascial Anatomy for Yoga, Yoga teacher trainings, Pilates teacher trainings and massage schools, Hospital Physiotherapists, Dance Trainings and Martial Arts trainings all over the UK and Ireland.

He ran the Science of Movement course at Middlesex university from 2007- 2011 and studied in Dissection at the Institute of Anatomy in Vienna with Todd Garcia, along with Dissection studies with Gil Hedley, and runs Dissective studies for the student teachers of his Anatomy of movement courses with Julian Baker

He has also run several Yoga teacher trainings and continues to run his highly acclaimed Anatomy & Myofascial yoga and Pilates courses in England, Scotland, Ireland and Europe.

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