Heather Mason


It is commonly agreed that the practice yoga helps to bring people together. This is why we say that yoga fosters sangha or is practiced in sangha. Hence, the union we associate with meaning of the word yoga is often the union between practitioners not only the union of self and divine or mind and body. In this interactive talk we will explore the underlying neurophysiological mechanisms that engender prosocial these changes and how they work alongside yoga philosophical teaching to promote connectedness. As we begin to further understand these discrete effects and how to nurture them we can bring them into our classes, our training and the public at large engendering a kinder and more compassionate society.   


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Heather Mason, MA, MA, MSc, RYT-500, and yoga therapist is the founder of The Minded Institute, a yoga therapy training school, and also the Yoga in Health Care Alliance a charity devoted to bringing yoga into health care at both the grassroots and policy level in the UK. She holds master’s degrees in Buddhist Studies, in Psychotherapy, and in Medical Physiology and has an extensive background in Neuroscience. Heather has been teaching yoga since 2001 and has specialised in the use of yoga therapy for mental health populations since 2007. In 2018 she co-published an academic text, “Yoga for Mental Health” a book aimed at bridging the worlds of psychological therapies and yoga.  She has taught at the Boston University School of Medicine, designed the original Mind-Body Science Module for the MSc in Yoga Therapy at the Maryland University of Integrated of Health and continues to lecture at various other academic institutions. Heather is actively focused on the integration of yoga into the UK’s National Health Service and in 2018 helped to create an All-Party Parliamentary Group, “Yoga in Society”, in hopes of gaining support from central government.  

Read more: https://themindedinstitute.com/