Jyoti Jo Manuel


Jyoti jo Manuel is the founder of Special Yoga, providing special yoga therapy to children with special needs, and teacher trainings to help more children embrace their potential. Jyoti has been practising yoga for over 40 years and teaching for 29. The work of special yoga is Seva. She shares teaching to help future practitioners and parents recognise the imperative nature of self-compassion, self-nurture, and humbly working from the heart. 

In this experiential and practical workshop Jyoti will share stories of her experiences as a mother and as a special yoga practitioner for parents and children globally. She will guide you through practises that she uses to keep herself nourished, humble, and authentic to the truth of yoga. She believes that our work is to be the most open and clear channels of Divine energy in order to offer pure and authentic Seva. 



Jyoti Jo Manuel was captivated by her first yoga class at aged 17 and has been practising ever since. She started teaching yoga in 1992 and has been the UK’s leading practitioner and teacher trainer in therapeutic yoga for children with special needs since 2001.

Jyoti Jo founded The Special Yoga Centre in 2004 to give a nurturing, inclusive and welcoming home for the work with the special children and to make yoga accessible to all.

Her aim is to develop and implement therapeutic yoga programmes that allow all children to receive its significant benefits and help each child to reach their full potential. As the Special Yoga Centre closed, Special Yoga Ltd was born to as a Centre of excellence for Yoga Teacher Training and to serve the special children and their families.