Michael Geary



Michael is a Life Strategist, Vedic astrologer, teacher and author. In 2008 he co-founded Cranmore Foundation, an educational charitable trust that researches the world’s wisdom traditions to identify universal principles and values that can be carefully reformulated as design principles that support human and environmental well-being, and broad-spectrum sustainability. The Foundation recognises that today’s challenges require a new quality of thinking. Its premise is that wisdom traditions offer modern society a potential valuable resource for crafting wisdom-inspired solutions

Michael’s consultancy Cranmore Academy LLP is dedicated to providing practical learning and life-coaching opportunities based on his work with the Cranmore Foundation and his 35 years of experience as a Life Strategist, Vedic astrologer and his early years as a Bhakti Vedic monk. He consults private individuals and businesses in finance, media, creative arts, health care and natural health products.

Michael aims to help clients craft life strategies that are authentic, relevant and meaningful. His use of Vedic astrology helps him: guide clients to reflect on their qualities and essential nature; identify their untapped latent potential; discuss the challenges they may have in realising their potential and ambitions; and suggest practical ways to meet those challenges, so that they can realise the best in themselves.



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