Richard Kravetz

The breath of life embodies everything that we are and is accessible to everyone - irrespective of age, ability and creed
— Richard Kravetz


Theory and practice around Yoga for those with reduced mobility including asana, pranayama and chanting.

This workshop will be based around yoga in a chair and will provide the necessary tools to practitioners to guide the elderly or less-abled towards maintaining a safe degree of exercise and movement.

The workshop will teach practitioners how to structure and plan a yoga session for people with physical restrictions who are unable to participate in a traditional mat based class, and how chair yoga offers a practical solution by finding ways to reduce complicated manoeuvres and movements to simpler, user-friendly procedures.

The session is relevant to teachers or professionals who wish to make a significant contribution to society  in helping those with single or multiple ailments including Stroke, MS, Dementia, Parkinsons, Mental Health issues, reduced mobility due to injury, sensory impairment and a host of related conditions associated with ageing.



Richard Kravetz has been teaching yoga to adults, children and individuals with Special Needs for over 14 years. He believes the ancient art of yoga creates a balance of vitality and strength combined with calmness of mind and suppleness of body.

Richard teaches a flowing form of Hatha yoga that allows individuals to develop in a way that suits them. Using the breath in harmony with the body and spirit helps his students reach their full potential.

Richard was a Trustee of the Special Yoga Centre and was the London Representative of The British Wheel of Yoga for 8 years between 2005 and 2013. He has hosted 8 Annual Summer Schools raising money for a variety of charities.

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BWY Module, Chair yoga: 4-6th October & 15-17th November 2019,

IST Day, Chair Yoga for the less abled: 2nd November 2019, BWY Eastern region,

IST Day, Chair Yoga: 22nd March 2020, BWY Surrey region,