Ruby Reed & Christabel Reed

To address the interconnected crises of Climate Change, consumerism and mental health we need a revolution in the sphere of consciousness, the deepening of ecological awareness and a growing community of empowered people who care.
— Christabel Reed and Ruby Reed


We are currently facing two interrelated crises that are undermining the health of our planet and its people: ecological collapse and escalating rates of people suffering with their mental health.

Drawing on their years of practice, study and training within the worlds of Yoga, activism and ecology, Christabel and Ruby will lead an interactive workshop exploring how we can orient ourselves to action in such a way that it becomes our wellspring of inspiration and motivation. Rather than being overwhelmed by Climate Change, Depression, Species and Habitat loss, these realities can be invitations for change and new opportunities to evolve.

We will look at the relationship between personal and planetary wellbeing, and how if we wish to live happier and healthier lives we need both an inner practice of self-reflection, and an outer practice of engagement. There is no healthy individual without a healthy environment!

When we see our reality clearly, we can respond to it with clarity. We can acknowledge our freedom to act and do so in a way that carves out a path of freedom for ourselves and our planet.

Join the sisters, Christabel and Ruby, for an interactive talk, discussion, subtle practice and an exploration of the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.



Advaya is an educational and experiential social change platform that explores solutions to the interconnected crises of ecological collapse, consumerism and mental health. Advaya works to deepen ecological awareness through education, experience, community and action, inspiring and empowering individuals to transform their lives and the world around them. Advaya seeks transformation at an individual and collective level while cultivating purposeful lives of connection and belonging.



Ruby Reed is a yoga teacher, activist and co-founder of the environmental and holistic wellbeing platform Advaya Initiative. She is interested in embodiment and nature connection as sources of healing and empowerment and believes in the power of Yoga to create positive change.

Ruby is influenced by the progressive approach and breath-led fluidity of the Ashtanga practice, and the energetic attention and adaptability of Viniyoga. Her classes prioritise the breath as a tool for awareness, connection and healing, and integrate strong postures to build energy, resilience and vitality. 

Ruby believes in the power of awareness as the means for evolution and empowerment. She works to build community around a renewed sense of wonder in life so that we may connect with our most authentic sense of self, and thrive as we should in harmony with nature. Ruby has co-facilitated over 70 events with Advaya, exploring topics from spiritual activism to plastic pollution, sustainable fashion to food waste, alternative economies to animal extinction.

Ruby is happiest when in water and has spent a lot of time beneath sea level over the years, whether teaching scuba diving in the Andaman Islands or training as a Free-diver. Before becoming a yoga teacher and activist, Ruby worked in the art world at auction houses, with private collectors and galleries. She has an MA in Art and Activism, and one in The Body in Renaissance Art. She was part of the 2014 Teacher Training at Triyoga and is currently completing a 4 year advanced teacher training with Colin Dunsmuir working towards becoming a Yoga Therapist.

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Christabel Reed is an activist, yoga teacher and the co-founder of the environmental and holistic wellbeing platform Advaya Initiative. Christabel is currently completing a 4 year advanced teacher training with Colin Dunsmuir. Working towards becoming a Yoga Therapist. 

Practicing yoga as a teenager helped liberate Christabel from years of chronic anxiety and the constructed narratives that limited her ability to fulfil her potential and really enjoy life. This transformation led her make the resolution to learn how she could apply these tools to others. During Christabel’s History BA at Manchester she went back to India to do her first TTC in Hatha Yoga. After graduating Christabel went on to do a second training in Viniyoga and Vinyasa Krama before beginning her Masters at SOAS, University of London, in The Traditions Of Yoga & Meditation.

Christabel’s thesis was on The Ecology & Ethics of The Bhagavad Gita - in which she lent academic support to the popular notion, much criticised by scholars, that the Gita is inherently an ethical and ecological text, in which the reader is led to gain clarity of mind, recognise the interdependent nature of existence and the individual duty to uphold harmony and balance while relinquishing the fruits of the enactment of duty to the greater good.

Advaya have hosted over 40 events exploring topics from spiritual activism to plastic pollution, from sustainable fashion to food waste, alternative economies to animal extinction. All events emphasise awareness as the means for evolution and empower individuals to realise their power to create positive changes in their own lives and the world around them. Event formats differ depending on the topic and include screenings, workshops, full day immersions, panel discussions, talks, dinners, pilgrimages and retreats.

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