Ruth Westoby



Ruth Westoby is fascinated by yoga both in academia and practice. Ruth is a doctoral researcher in yoga and an Ashtanga practitioner. She began teaching posture-based classes in 2004. She was awarded an MA in Indian Religions from SOAS in 2010 with Distinction after which she began teaching yoga history and philosophy on workshops and teacher trainings. Since completing her MA she has been studying Sanskrit and caring for her young family. Ruth’s main teachers are Hamish Hendry, Richard Freeman and Sharat Jois. In 2015 she was authorized by Sharat Jois to teach Ashtanga level 2. Ruth collaborated in 2016 and 2017 with SOAS’s Haṭha Yoga Project interpreting postures from the Sanskrit text the Haṭhābhyāsapaddhati shortly to be released as an educational documentary.

Ruth is currently working on doctoral research into gendered constructions in Sanskrit texts on yoga at SOAS under the supervision of James Mallinson. She is engaged as moderator on Yogacampus’s online course A History of Yoga: The Latest Research. She is working on teacher trainings with Bridget Woods-Kramer at triyoga, Naomi Reynolds at Yoga on the Lane and Gingi Lee at The Shala. Ruth helps run the Sanskrit Reading Room and Centre for Yoga Studies at SOAS.

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