Scott Johnson

Yoga practice initially wakes us up to the very idea that we see the world a certain way. Our habitual patterns, when recognised, can be held in ways that support their understanding and impact in our lives. Our Yoga practice can then support new patterns of awareness. Ones that are beneficial to ourselves, the people close to us and eventually the world. We have to truly understand the possibility that yoga has in waking us up to becoming a real impact in the world beyond our skin.
— Scott Johnson


This session will look at the relationships that evolve through the practice method of Ashtanga yoga. It will explore the deep integration that yoga practice can have on our lives, both when practiced on our own and when we work with a teacher. We will see that the practice and all relationships within a yoga environment are leading to empowerment, the ability for a student and a teacher to be empowered by the very act of mutual consent and supporting each other through a shared vision. We wake up together.

What can people expect?



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Scott Johnson has over 16 years of experience with Ashtanga Yoga. He is the co-founder and main teacher at Stillpoint Yoga London ( which he established in 2009. Scott’s teaching is greatly inspired and influenced by John Scott, Lucy Crawford and Manju Jois. He met John in 2002 and instantly felt the deep connection to the ashtanga yoga lineage through John’s inspiring teaching of the practice. 

Scott is authorized to teach the primary and intermediate series of ashtanga yoga by Manju Jois and has also also undergone extensive training with Clear Mind Institute, gaining their level 3 certificate in Mindfulness and Compassion.

Scott is co-founder of Amāyu Yoga, a new Ashtanga Yoga organisation that educates practitioners on student empowerment and shared power dynamics.  He teaches with encouragement, insight and integrity to the ashtanga yoga lineage he has had access to. He adheres to the authentic tradition and lineage of ashtanga yoga, assisting practitioners in discovering how the practice can unfold, not only personally on the mat, but also in the wider context of daily life.     

Scott teaches at Stillpoint Yoga London, Monday to Friday 06:30 – 10:00.

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