Simon Low

Simon is offering two consecutive led-practice workshops that reflect The Yoga Academy’s use of yin & yang yoga to cultivate balance throughout our lives.


The first session, predominantly yang yoga, develops the foundations of our practice; strength, stability, stamina, flexibility, lightness, energy and concentration, through movement inspired by chi kung and various approaches to yoga.

  • Theory in practice

  • Two wooden blocks recommended


The second session, predominantly yin yoga, is a journey of surrender into the subtle realms of our inner being emphasising skilful entry into and exit from asana and the use of supportive props.

  • Theory in practice

  • Please bring your own bolster, blankets & foam blocks as essential items



After a career in the music industry in the UK and USA, Simon Low has been teaching yoga between the east and west for over 27 years, developing a balanced approach to yoga on and off the mat. Simon’s teachings are informed by practice and research in yoga, eastern and western anatomy and medicine, psychology, chi kung, philosophy, and nutrition. Classes are focused, effective and sometimes even fun. Simon was the original director of yoga and a co-founder of Triyoga, and more recently of Santillan Retreat near Malaga, Spain. Since founding The Yoga Academy in 2003 Simon offers teacher training, workshops and retreats in the UK, Europe, and Thailand where he lives on the island of Koh Samui.



As a patron of The Hope Foundation, a charity working for the abandoned street and slum children of Kolkata, India, I would like to thank all the many yogis who have joined us at the Yoga Garden Party over the years and at our yoga trip to Kolkata, India in 2017. We will return to Kolkata in 2021, if you would like to join us.

For more information about The Hope Foundation please visit: &

ABOUT YIN & YANG YOGA with Simon Low:

Yang Yoga is a balanced combination of circular & spiral movements within a dynamic asana practice, focusing on joint care, stimulation of energy channels, and essential alignment. This approach promotes safe & fluid myo-fascial movement, and cultivates strength, stability, stamina, flexibility, lightness, inner & outer awareness, & immense energy.

Yin Yoga focuses on feminine, lunar, passive, deep, restorative & meditative practices inspired by Taoist & Restorative yoga. Simon’s approach to Yin Yoga primarily uses sustained restorative asana, usually supported with props, together with asana which stimulate the connective tissues of the physical anatomy and the energy systems of the 'subtle anatomy'.  This combination produces a profound balancing of 'inner' strength and 'outer' flexibility; an essential practice to balance 'yang' style practice.

DVD: Yin & Yang Yoga with Simon Low (Acacia) - released in 2007

Yin Yoga App for iPhone available from the iPhone App Store - released in 2015