Tuesday McNeill

Kriya Yoga is the opportunity to open my heart to the world, to plant seeds of kindness, possibility, connection and belonging. It’s only through sharing the countless gifts that yoga has given me that the infinite depth and astonishing beauty of this path have been revealed time and again.
— Tuesday McNeill


Yoga’s greatest gift is that it allows us realise our potential for making a difference. Like a pebble dropped into a lake, the effects of our thoughts, words and deeds ripple out endlessly into the world.  

How can you stretch beyond the mat? It may be as simple as taking a breath before having a difficult conversation or as in-depth as using your practice to build the determination you need to set up a charity for a cause that touches your heart – and everything in between.

Based on yoga philosophy, embodied awareness and heart-centred living, this Scaravelli-inspired workshop encourages you to examine more deeply the nature of relationships, with yourself and the world around you. Asana, breath awareness, mudra, mantra and self-enquiry will support you to become more empowered and motivated,  so your visions for change can become a reality.




Tuesday has been sharing her love of yoga since 1993. Her open, down to earth approach makes yoga accessible to everyone. Her classes are based on compassionate presence, encouraging a spirit of enquiry that allows your discoveries on the mat to become part of your daily life. Her own practice has motivated her to become an engaged member of the community which has included offering yoga in Secondary Schools for disengaged pupils and those with learning difficulties, teaching in prison and a Young Offenders Institute, running courses and classes for Addiction Recovery, organising fundraising events and setting up Heart Twickenham,  a wellbeing centre that supports both the local community and a project in Kerala, South India.

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