Zephyr Wildman


The treatment of addiction, depression, anxiety and other mental disorders is increasingly relying on alternative methods of therapy as more of the root causes of such disorders are understood. Treatment centres and Psychologists are increasingly taking a page from the mindfulness movement to holistically treat patients that suffer mental trauma and the afflictions that are symptomatic of a life out of balance. Movement and breathing techniques have been proven to be effective to aid in recovery for all sorts of mental disorders and Yoga has risen to the forefront as alternative therapy in a science that up until recently focused solely on a cognitive approach to therapy. But, as the barometer for assessment and treatment of overall mental health changes, is yoga as a therapy really all that alternative?

The definition of Yoga has roots firmly grounded in a focus on self-understanding. The more we understand ourselves, our habits and our suffering, the more we have choices to align ourselves with the true path and the state of balanced flow. The equilibrium and harmony of a balanced life takes in to account the spiritual, the mental and the physical. Yoga, at it’s fundamental core, is an exercise in developing a strong and balanced state for all three. Yoga puts the same amount of emphasis on, and gives an equal importance to, the emotional health as it does physical health.

This workshop taps into the Yogic roots of holistic health and focuses on the skill in action yoga creates, helping to bring self-knowledge and the ability to identify and enact constant beneficial corrections as we follow our path. The course is designed to offer deeper application to Yoga Students and Teachers and will introduce Vichara (written self-inventory) to develop skills that will aid the seeker to identify suffering in our lives and how to move past them.

Over the workshop, Zephyr will discuss the basic neuroscience, behavioural patterns and simple techniques to support strategies to enhance emotional well being in a yoga practice. Zephyr will lecture on yogic theories and begin to map out the foundation in a regular practice of Vichara and loving-kindness Meditation practices. Emphasis will be on seeing a holistic picture of ourselves by using the yogic sciences and techniques as resources to address imbalances.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Lecture, Written Vichara, Meditation


I am not a traditional academic nor a scholar. I am a practitioner, a student of Yoga. I seek greater awareness in mastering self-understanding on this path of self-realisation through my body, my mind, my feelings, and my breath. My Yoga practice is an intimate relationship between my human condition and my soul seeking to experience that which is beyond words and is known as the source of all knowledge. What am I? We use our body as a vehicle to feel it’s warmth, to sense it’s presence, to know it’s truth as we practice seeking spiritual experiences of this true essence of what we really are. The practice of faith, trust and discipline of the body, mind and breath, takes a personal awakening to it. The Divine within us, as us and which is working for us to wake us up to it’s presence in everything.

Practically working with our Kleshas/Mental Emotional Afflictions in asana is one way I have found empowerment in healing my unmet needs, transforming unhelpful patterns and inspiring myself as I move forward in my life. Ask yourself, what would it be like to live without fear, self-doubt, anger or resentment. What would it be like to break the cycle of suffering? What would it feel like to be content, free, fulfilled, joyous, serene, trusting and still? This physical practice is to fall back in love with studying this cycle and habit we as humans face in viewing our inner and outer battle. This irregular, clouded, fear-based vail pulls us into attraction and repulsion to desirable and undesirable thoughts, feelings that arise due to the actions we take. I find that all this does is mask what is always there, the state of Yoga; this light, serenity and calmness as a result of stilling the thoughts and feelings within.

Join me in facing our Kleshas in an insight asana practice in being the change we want to see in ourselves and in the world. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Asana, Pranayama, Guided Savasana



Zephyr has been teaching Yoga since 2002 in London, trained via Yoga Campus Intake 1 and has been a Mentor on their yoga training program since 2005. She teaches at The Life Centre, Yoga Centres around London, private tuition, and at The Recovery Centre (treatment centre for addiction, depression and other dependency problems). Her teachings focus on combining the elements of creative movement, flow and dynamic sequencing, focusing on alignment, prana vayus and kinesiology. Zephyr also has experience in practicing Deep Tissue Massage Therapy since 1991, which compliments Yoga Teaching. As well as the physical side to Yoga Asana, she has a great interest in integrating psychology, yogic philosophy, and the attraction of self study within her practice, teaching and life style. Zephyr continues studying with Rod Stryker, Richard Freeman, and Doug Keller. Her teachers inspire her to share the courage, strength and blessings found in Tantra, Ayurveda, and the art of energetically sequencing, bespoking therapeutic practices for students of all different abilities. She is registered with Yoga Alliance UK as a 500 hour Yoga Teacher.

Learn more: www.zephyryoga.com